How to buy Ethereum?

how to buy ethereum

What is Ethereum? Ethereum is an open-source blockchain available for people to construct solutions upon. The network enables anyone to build decentralized apps (DApps) and generally use the network. Ether (ETH) currency plays the main role in all the transactions.  Ether is Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency that enables all operations on the Ethereum blockchain. A variety […]

World’s Top 10 Most Expensive NFT items

NFTs, or “Non-Fungible Tokens,” are one-of-a-kind tokens that represent a unique good or asset. In short, NFT is a token that is created on blockchain technology, which makes each token irreplaceable, making it impossible for one non-fungible token to be equal to another. In this article, we’re going to discuss the world’s top 10 most […]

Gunna Makes The $305k Bored Ape Purchase And Tattoos It On His Leg.

Gunna is the latest rapper to tap into NFTs with his recent Bored Ape Yacht Club purchase. The Atlanta native revealed on Instagram that he purchased the NFT through the MoonPay cryptocurrency platform for $300K. “I Bought A @boredapeyachtclub NFT worth 300K No Cap!” Gunna wrote on IG. “His Name is BUTTA Thanks @moonpay!” The […]