How are regulations affecting the DeFi market?

DeFi SEC regulation

What is going on with all these crypto companies coming under heavy SEC investigation? BlockFi, for example, is paying $100 million $50 million to the SEC, and an additional $50 million to over 30 states for giving out interest and operating as a non-Registered Investment Company.  Now, it’s no secret that crypto companies and the […]

LarvaLabs Disowns The CryptoPunks V1

Crypto Punks V1 and V2

Larva Labs, the creators of the ever-popular CryptoPunks NFT project, came under fire. The team faced backlash for the way they handled a situation regarding an NFT project called V1 CryptoPunks, which was born from the original CryptoPunks smart contract. In a move that was condemned by many members of the NFT community, a Larva […]

Layer 2 Blockchain: A Gimmick or the Ultimate DeFi Solution?

If you’ve tried DeFi recently, you’ve probably experienced the frustrations of high transaction fees due to increased demand for DeFi services on the Ethereum network, and it’s become the new norm to pay higher fees such as $20 per transaction. But if we don’t resolve the blockchain scalability problem, these transaction fees will act as […]

A rare NFT from the CryptoPunks collection was sold for 2501 ETH.

cryptopunk #5577

An unknown person purchased a non-fungible token (NFT) CryptoPunk #5577 for 2501 ETH (over $7.8 million). The deal was the third-largest in the history of the collection. Twitter users congratulated Compound DeFi protocol founder Robert Leshner on the NFT acquisition. Leshner himself did not directly confirm the purchase of CryptoPunk #5577. There is no evidence […]

Gucci bought a piece of land in the Sandbox metaverse.

Gucci in Metaverse

Italian fashion house Gucci has acquired a virtual piece of land in the metaverse of The Sandbox project, according to Vogue Business. The acquisition will provide the fashion brand with an interactive communication experience within Gen Z-focused experiential Gucci Vault space created by creative director Alessandro Michele. Selected fashion items created by Gucci designers will […]

Pantera Capital and Coinbase have invested in the Summoners Arena GameFi project.

Coinbase Pantera

Summoners Arena developers have raised $3 million in seed funding, led by Pantera Capital. The round was attended by Coinbase Ventures, Impossible Ventures, Spartan Group, as well as other investors and business angels. The team will use the funding to expand the staff and further develop the project. In particular, improving graphics and integrating new […]

The Optimism team paid out over $2 million for the discovered vulnerability in their system.

Optimism Network

The developers of Optimism, a layer-two solution for scaling Ethereum, have fixed a critical vulnerability. The bug was discovered by programmer Jay Freeman in the code for a fork of Geth for Optimism. According to the description, the vulnerability allowed the creation of ETH in the protocol by repeatedly activating the SELF-DESTRUCT function. Freeman reported […]