You can transform the world with blockchain: Dr. Jane Thomason

Jane Thomason is an Australian academic who spent 15 years running hospitals and doing development work abroad followed by a 20-year stint building a $250-million revenue company.  Thomason — now a blockchain adviser to the World Health Organization — says she “had an epiphany” while thinking about the 2004 Tsunami in Indonesia, in which the […]

Crypto City: The ultimate guide to Miami

Miami is fast becoming one of the major hubs in the crypto world with more and more blockchain companies moving to the city each year. Miami famously plays host to the Bitcoin Conference each year, and digital assets have been embraced by the mayor and the wider population. Here’s your ultimate guide to the crypto […]

6 Questions for Rene Reinsberg of Celo

We ask the buidlers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector for their thoughts on the industry… and throw in a few random zingers to keep them on their toes!   This week, our 6 Questions go to  Rene Reinsberg, a co-founder of Celo, an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a […]

The risks and benefits of VCs for crypto communities

Traditional venture capital funds drive valuations through multiple funding rounds. Startups aim for initial public offerings or other exits. Then the sharemarket decides upon a more realistic valuation.  But in cryptoland, tokens introduce market capitalization while a company is being built. This means there are a lot of competing interests and agendas. Token sales for […]

Effects of Crypto Mining on the Environment and How to Offset Them

Crypto’s bad environmental reputation has preceded digital currencies for some time: Bitcoin is bad for the environment. Crypto mining is a monstrous power guzzler. The process consumes a disproportionate amount of energy. In short: mining crypto as we are currently is contributing to climate change.  But is that really the case? Recent findings on the […]

NFT Environmental Impact. Is It That Bad?

NFTs minted on the blockchain are carbon-intensive assets. The magnitude of damage crypto mining inflicts on the environment is astronomical. However, soon environmentally-conscious artists and musicians might revise their hard pass on NFTs as new sustainable platforms emerge. In 2021 world leaders bickered about global efforts to reduce carbon emissions at the COP26 summit. Meanwhile, […]

Top 10 Influential People in the NFT World

The popularity of non-fungible tokens or NFTs is driven by many factors, including individuals that influence the popularity of the overall market as well as new drops.  Like almost all things in today’s digital ecosystem, social channels play an important role. So, in addition to the survey of 971 NFT enthusiasts, we’ve also considered the […]

How To Mint And Sell Photography As NFT

Perhaps you’ve heard that you can now sell your photos online as limited edition NFT art. It is truly an exciting time in the future of art. But this also means that the selling of the said art involves some complicated elements. We are going to teach you how to create and sell your very […]

Top 4 Technologies That Power the Metaverse

According to the Accenture Technology Vision 2022, “Meet Me in the Metaverse: The Continuum of Technology and Experience Reshaping Business,” businesses are racing toward a future that is very different from the one they were designed to operate in — as “metaverse” technologies, such as extended reality, blockchain, digital twins and edge computing, are converging […]