Mati Greenspan’s boss bribed him with 1 BTC to join Twitter: Hall of Flame

Name: Mati GreenspanAnonymous: NoTwitter followers: 48,000Known for: The “face” of eToro for years, Greenspan is a rare moderate voice on Crypto Twitter. Who is this guy anyway? The friendly but cynical Mati Greenspan became a well-known crypto market commentator in publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal as a senior market analyst […]

‘Make sure Ethereum wins’ — Steve Newcomb reveals zkSync’s prime directive

Steve Newcomb is a Silicon Valley veteran with a long list of achievements. He built software for trading energy in the 90s, was a pioneer in adding email to phones, and helped create the back end of the Bing search engine under Peter Thiel’s mentorship. Today, he heads up development for Berlin-based Matter Labs, which […]

Yat Siu’s Big Ideas: We’re already living in the Metaverse

Magazine: Animoca was a successful mobile gaming company, with 10 million downloads and various apps in the top 10 on Apple’s App Store. Then you were suddenly thrown off the store in 2012. How did that change your views on Big Tech? Yat Siu, Animoca co-founder: The fact that platforms could become as powerful as […]

What it’s actually like to use Bitcoin in El Salvador

I attempted to spend two weeks travelling in El Salvador living on Bitcoin. I tried to pay for every single thing with Bitcoin, or Satoshis, small amounts of Bitcoin. Spoiler alert, I failed.  Outfoxed by car hire companies (fortunately my car of choice was not Fiat); stubborn restauranteurs, a parking meter, pupusas, and a fancy […]

Ethics 101: Should crypto projects ever negotiate with hackers?

“A highly profitable trading strategy” was how hacker Avraham Eisenberg described his involvement in the Mango Markets exploit that occurred on Oct. 11. By manipulating the price of the decentralized finance protocol’s underlying collateral, MNGO, Eisenberg and his team took out infinite loans that drained $117 million from the Mango Markets Treasury.  Desperate for the […]

Can Bitcoin survive a Carrington Event knocking out the grid?

“In a massive solar storm, which would be hugely damaging to a modern economy’s infrastructure, the blockchain parts might well be the only parts that survive.” — Jason Potts What was the Carrington Event? In a November 1859 meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society, British astronomer Richard Christopher Carrington reported to the esteemed scientific body […]