Best and worst countries for crypto taxes — plus crypto tax tips

Tax is a nightmare for compliance. And crypto taxes — which include a variety of innovative mechanisms and products that have no analog in traditional finance — are 10 times worse. Complicating matters even further, the global industry operates across borders and jurisdictions. But there are definitely better and worse countries for the newly crypto-rich […]

Crypto winter can take a toll on hodlers’ mental health

With so many struggling to maintain emotional well-being during this crypto winter, self-improvement and mental health experts can help navigate the ups, downs and soul-shattering experiences that a long-term bear market can bring. Mental health professional Elizabeth Sterbenz and wellness thought leader Srikumar Rao discuss with Magazine how to cope with the depreciation of crypto […]

Lark Davis on fighting social media storms, and why he’s an ETH bull: Hall of Flame

Lark Davis, a self-described “cheeky” and “sarcastic” personality, has been actively involved in the world of cryptocurrency since 2017. With his bold price forecasts, educational content and witty memes, the popular influencer has amassed an impressive social media following, boasting over 1 million followers on both Twitter and Instagram. Although, if Davis’ Twitter and Instagram […]

4 out of 10 NFT sales are fake: Learn to spot the signs of wash trading

Wash trading on nonfungible token (NFT) marketplaces is back in the spotlight after critics claimed the fast-growing NFT marketplace Blur has incentivized the practice with its trading rewards scheme. 10% of Blur’s total token supply was distributed to users based on their trading activity in its second token reward scheme from Feb. 14. The platform […]

All rise for the robot judge: AI and blockchain could transform the courtroom

Earlier this year, Joshua Browder, CEO of AI startup DoNotPay, attempted to bring a robot lawyer into a California courtroom, despite almost certainly knowing that it was illegal in almost all 50 states to bring automated assistance like this into a courtroom. DoNotPay bills itself as the “world’s first robot lawyer” whose goal is to […]

Thailand’s $1B crypto sacrifice, Mt Gox final deadline, Tencent NFT app nixed: Asia Express

Our weekly roundup of news from East Asia curates the industry’s most important developments. South Korea invests another $51M in metaverse tech South Korea’s plans for metaverse domination are gathering pace. A Mar. 8 document prepared by the Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology (ICT), the National IT Industry Promotion Agency, and the […]

$54B fund partner runs women-only DAO, LatAm blockchain gaming guild

Clara Bullrich must have cloned herself or possibly invoked dark forces that shouldn’t be meddled with. Somehow, she’s managed to cram about four careers into one life. Her main gig is leading her own financial entity, AlTi, managing a whopping investment fund, which grew to $54 billion under management following a recent merger. That’s a […]