Blockchain and the world’s growing plastic problem

Everything makes its way to the sea, and none more so than plastics. There are now five floating plastic islands in different oceans across the world, with the largest island even having a name, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is three times the size of France. Lying between California and Hawaii, it is the […]

How to stop your crypto community from imploding

Crypto communities can often implode, despite the best intentions of everyone involved. Genuine communities with plausible but convoluted project ideas can fail just as easily as projects like DeFi Wonderland, which imploded because of its CFO’s connection to the controversial, defunct Canadian exchange QuadrigaCX. Plausible projects face scaling challenges like Zilliqa or project management problems […]

Musk continues Twitter overhaul, Instagram to host NFT tools and JPMorgan makes public blockchain trade: Hodler’s Digest, Oct. 30-Nov. 5

Coming every Saturday, Hodler’s Digest will help you track every single important news story that happened this week. The best (and worst) quotes, adoption and regulation highlights, leading coins, predictions and much more — a week on Cointelegraph in one link. Top Stories This Week JPMorgan executes first DeFi trade on public blockchain A cross-border […]

Andy Warhol would have loved (or possibly hated) NFTs

If Andy Warhol — the most famous artist of the 20th century — were alive today, he would make NFTs. The reasoning is simple: because for Warhol, business was art. So, I decided to do some digging and speak to Warhol experts to see if there is a case. But Warhol was an artist who […]

Building community resilience to crises through mutual aid and Web3

It seems that every time one turns on the TV, something, somewhere, is going catastrophically wrong. Whether it be Hurricane Ian tearing through Cuba and Florida, war raging in Eastern Europe, or floods devastating Pakistan, there has been no shortage of crises in 2022 — both natural and human-caused.  And as the climate continues to […]

Crypto City: Guide to San Francisco Bay Area

This “Crypto City” guide looks at the San Francisco Bay Area’s crypto culture, its most notable projects and people, its financial infrastructure, which retailers accept crypto, and where you can find blockchain education courses. You really might leave your heart in San Francisco with all the projects in the Bay Area. Fast facts City: San […]

DeFi abandons Ponzi farms for ‘real yield’

Decentralized finance is beginning to embrace a hot new phrase: “real yield.” It refers to DeFi projects that survive purely on distributing the actual revenue they generate rather than incentivizing stakeholders by handing out dilutionary free tokens. Where does this real yield come from? Are “fees” really a sustainable model for growth at this early […]