Polygon To Scale NFT Functionality On Behance. Brought To You By Adobe

Behance, Adobe, Polygon logos

Adobe, a leading software company, announced today that it’s working with Polygon to integrate the Ethereum scaling program into its Behance social media platform. The integration, according to Polygon, will allow creators to showcase non-fungible tokens to the world while minimizing their carbon footprint and transaction fees.  Adobe acquired Behance in December 2012. In October, […]

How are regulations affecting the DeFi market?

DeFi SEC regulation

What is going on with all these crypto companies coming under heavy SEC investigation? BlockFi, for example, is paying $100 million $50 million to the SEC, and an additional $50 million to over 30 states for giving out interest and operating as a non-Registered Investment Company.  Now, it’s no secret that crypto companies and the […]

LarvaLabs Disowns The CryptoPunks V1

Crypto Punks V1 and V2

Larva Labs, the creators of the ever-popular CryptoPunks NFT project, came under fire. The team faced backlash for the way they handled a situation regarding an NFT project called V1 CryptoPunks, which was born from the original CryptoPunks smart contract. In a move that was condemned by many members of the NFT community, a Larva […]

Layer 2 Blockchain: A Gimmick or the Ultimate DeFi Solution?

If you’ve tried DeFi recently, you’ve probably experienced the frustrations of high transaction fees due to increased demand for DeFi services on the Ethereum network, and it’s become the new norm to pay higher fees such as $20 per transaction. But if we don’t resolve the blockchain scalability problem, these transaction fees will act as […]

YouTube announced plans to use NFT to monetize content.

Video streaming service YouTube is considering integrating NFT to monetize content on its platform. This was stated by the product owner, Neil Mohan. “Web3 opens up new possibilities for creators. We believe that new technologies such as blockchain and NFT will enable content creators to build closer relationships with their fans. Together they will be […]

Sotheby’s to Auction Items from CryptoPunks Collection

cryptopunks on purple background

Sotheby’s will auction a set of 104 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from the CryptoPunks collection. Bidding will take place on February 23 in the format of a “live” auction in New York. Participants will also attend a VIP Punk dinner and a party with DJ Seedphrase. In 2017, the Larva Labs team launched the CryptoPunks project […]

OnlyFans is embracing NFTs on their platform.

onlyfans logo on blurred background

Content subscription service OnlyFans has added NFT support. Users can set non-fungible tokens as profile avatars, with more features to be announced soon. “Our mission is to empower content creators to realize their potential. This feature is the first step in exploring the role that NFTs can play on our platform,” said Amrapali Gan, chief […]