Our List of the Best Crypto Wallets of 2022:

After researching, we picked the top five best crypto wallets that facilitate you with their incredible features:

  1. Ledger Nano X: Overall Best Cryptocurrency Wallet
  2. Trezor Model T: Secured Hardware Wallet for Crypto Exchanges
  3. Ledger Nano S: Online Wallet to Buy & Sell crypto
  4. Exodus: Trusted Crypto Blockchain Wallet
  5. Mycelium: Wallet App to Manage Crypto Account

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

Ledger Nano X: Overall Best Cryptocurrency Wallet


In conjunction with the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies comes an increased demand for reliable wallets. Cryptocurrency storage over the internet may not be the best option, but hardware wallets are pretty dependable when storing a large amount of crypto. This Ledger Nano X review could be just what you are searching for.

Nano X is an excellent Bluetooth-enabled hardware chip from Ledger and can be one of the best and safest crypto wallets. Moreover, it comes as a flash-disk drive cryptocurrency wallet allowing secure storage and easy transaction of crypto coins. It is an improved version of the previously introduced Ledger Nano S, with some distinctive features.

Moreover, it gives offline access to cryptocurrencies by connecting with your phone via Bluetooth. After successfully pairing with the phone, the user must enter the PIN for accessing the crypto assets. So, no matter where you are, with or without an internet connection, you can still use your Crypto. We will now be taking a look at some of the best features of this device.


Easy Bluetooth Connectivity: 

Ledger Nano X keeps you connected with your crypto management anytime, anywhere. All you need to do is connect it with your mobile device via Bluetooth and access your wallet.

Display Panel: 

With a built-in display screen, you can verify and confirm your transactions at any time, anywhere.

Offline Storage and Backups: 

One of the primary purposes of using a hardware wallet like the Nano X is to guarantee your crypto holdings are fully protected by keeping your keys offline and out of access to cybercriminals. Besides that, you may also create a backup of your wallet. So, even if you lose your physical wallet, you can still retrieve your crypto holdings. Using a 24-word phrase, the Nano X from Ledger lets you backup your wallet. The phrase will allow you to restore your wallet if it gets destroyed, misplaced, or stolen, and you need to recover it.

Over 1,800+ Coins Accessibility: 

With Ledger Nano X, the user can store more than 1,800 coins, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, Ripple, Litecoin, and many more.

Great Security Features: 

This hardware wallet uses a PIN and a 24-word recovery phrase to secure your assets from hackers and thieves, making it harder for criminals to crack. The unique operative system known to be BOLOS adds to the security of the wallet.


The Ledger Nano X supports multiple languages, making it user-friendly for a large, international, multilingual audience. With such a consumer network, their experience and customer reviews are far-ranging and positive.

Ledger Live: 

Ledger Live enables users to make transactions easy for these currencies with a few clicks. It also includes some Defi functionality, allowing you to put your crypto to work and secure it.

Easy setup with a cellular deviceMore expensive than its competitors ($119)
Supports multiple languages
Supports a wide range of coins and tokens
100 mAh battery
100% cold storage

Trezor Model T: Secured Hardware Wallet for Crypto Exchanges


As the first widely available hardware wallet, Trezor is a game-changer. Trezor has grown extremely popular among crypto enthusiasts and is one of the best hardware wallets around.

The Trezor wallet can store all of the significant cryptocurrencies in its cold wallet, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance coin, Tether, Dogecoin, and others. However, one significant difference is that Trezor’s software is entirely open-source, which provides some additional protection, at least theoretically. The code that powers the wallet is available for scrutiny, and sunlight, as the thinking goes, is the best disinfectant.

Trezor Suite operates natively on your desktop, providing more security than a web-based app, though you can also access it via the website. Trezor wallets currently support over 1,600 coins and tokens, and transactions can be completed directly in Trezor Suite using the company’s integrated exchange.

The Model T, shaped like an old-school stopwatch, includes a touchscreen and a USB cable to connect to your computer. It also has a micro SD card if you want to add encrypted storage directly to your hardware wallet. They are meant to give you complete control over your digital life.

It has never been easier to protect your digital assets. With Trezor, you can take control of your data and safeguard cryptocurrencies, passwords, and other digital keys from hacking and theft. The Trezor Model T is more than just a security guard, as it is also your wallet, authenticator, and digital ID.


Trezor Secures Your Keys: 

You may access your coins and other data stored on your device using your digital keys. Trezor keeps track of your keys and allows you to use them safely. Your keys never go outside of the device, keeping them safe from online threats.

Authentication Over a Separate Network: 

The Trezor Model T assures you confidence and peace of mind by always confirming what you agree to on the device itself. This hardware wallet includes a touchscreen, providing you with an easy-to-use interface for verifying and authorizing all operations, so you exactly know what data is being sent.

Strengthen Your U2F Accounts: 

The Model T additionally acts as a hardware token for U2F (Universal Second Factor). There is no display of ordinary safety, so you can never be sure what you approve of. Trezor uses its Trusted Provider to display details before agreeing to the authentication request and validating your registering service.

Manage Your Passwords: 

To keep track of all personal information, you can use password manager software.

Premium Support: If you have any queries, the Trezor support staff is accessible to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Moreover, because of its high user services, you will get a response immediately.

Transparent Safety: 

Security researchers audited and verified an outstanding record, had nothing to hide, and followed the concept of open source.

Very safeBulky design
Simple to set up and use
Touchscreen user interface
Reliable customer service
Supports about 1,000 crypto assets

Ledger Nano S: Online Wallet to Buy & Sell Crypto


With the rigorous safety protocols of the firm, Ledger Nano S is the safest means of storing your crypto. Beginners or investors will be calm because their assets are safe offline, and yet when they use the actual device, they can access their cryptographs or see their accounts. It ensures high-level safety with a security chip and a unique operating system with the Ledger Nano S hardware crypto bag. It allows investors to manage their private keys and get supported by the industry’s leading name.

With 23 cryptocurrencies natively supported by Ledger and other third-party applications, investors may store well over 1,100 cryptocurrencies and tokens on the Ledger Nano S, including Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and many others.



The reason why individuals buy a Ledger wallet is security. The firm surpasses industry safety requirements and has never hacked the hardware wallets. Ledger installs EAL5+ certified Secure Element (SE) chips on nanodevices with tamper-resistant standard criteria, and your private keys will stay with your safe chip. In addition, Ledger is the only hardware wallet maker with Secure Element chips and a proprietary operating system (OS) (BOLOS).

Support for Multi-Currency: 

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins, may be managed using the Ledger Nano S and the associated applications. Payments are easily received, and your accounts are checked on the same device for each currency. This safe supports the FIDO Second Universal Factor, making authentication easier for compatible internet services like Gmail, DashLane, Dropbox, or GitHub.

Integrated Display: 

Check and confirm on-screen transactions and use physical buttons to ensure an easy-to-use interface. This gives you all assurances in real-time about your transactions, payments, and charges.


Use apps conveniently or build your own FIDO Certified U2F – FIDO Universal Second Factor.

Backup & Backup & Restore: 

Bookmark has a backup of your accounts, and easy refurbishment of any compatible Ledger is available if you lose your device, or worse, break it. So, all of your information and assets will still be secure and safe, no matter what happens.

An Affordable Cold Wallet: 

The Ledger Nano S is less costly than several other hardware wallets, making it an excellent low-cost, highly secure choice.

No Erasure of the Private Key from the Device: 

Unlike hot storage wallets offered by crypto exchanges, the Nano S customers control their private keys. They are never deleted from the device or made available to third parties, such as the internet. This is a bonus for anyone a little apprehensive about using complex devices. Your security is never sacrificed, regardless of what mistakes you may happen to make.

1500+ Cryptocurrency Coins Held: 

The Ledger Nano S device can store both investors’ well and lesser-known coins, tokens, and assets. You can keep the entire portfolio on the Ledger Nano S. Whichever cryptocurrency you have, a mixture of currencies can be held in this wallet.

AffordableStorage capacity for crypto applications is limited
Cold wallet
No deletion of the private key from the device
More than 1,100 coins supported

Exodus: Trusted BTC, Blockchain Wallet


Exodus is a wallet for digital currencies, so only cryptocurrencies are accepted. It features an internal exchange system, which is handy for converting cryptocurrencies rapidly.

However, no fiat currency (euros, dollars) can be sent to or exchanged into Exodus fiat. So, you must use an exchange platform for this purpose. Exodus wallets debuted in 2015 in the crypto-world, and its foundation aims to store crypto-assets and other significant features.

In addition, the crypto wallet supports over 100 crypto-assets and has a multi-asset wallet. It allows wallet users to enjoy and store most of their crypto assets in one spot. The Exodus wallet can first be accessed on a PC using a desktop version when it is created. But because of today’s progress, users can now use the wallet on mobile devices.

It is now possible to download the wallet through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The wallet compensates all of its users, in addition to being a multi-crypto storage platform. The Exodus staking function makes this rewarding scheme feasible. For example, users may send cryptographs like VET and ADA straight to the Exodus wallet, receiving a reward immediately.


Simple User Interface: 

This wallet is ideal for newcomers to the cryptocurrency sector because of its simplicity. It also provides excellent assistance, which is necessary for newcomers entering into a very new and perplexing sector.

Swap Between Different Cryptocurrencies: 

Exodus now supports swaps between more than 100 different cryptocurrencies. Exodus allows you to specify bespoke fees to keep expenses low. Of course, this allows the user to establish a charge to guarantee a fast transaction automatically.


It is one of the most striking wallet interfaces we have ever seen. A pie chart visually depicts your crypto holdings, making it simple, straightforward, and easy to use. Users can better manage their crypto assets and keep track of their valuables in their wallets. There is also a menu covering the left side of the screen, which displays all accessible features. The wallet is incredibly uncomplicated to use and learn.

Quick and Convenient: 

Since Exodus is a lite wallet, users do not have to download the whole blockchain on their computer.


By using a unique password and encryption method, it protects all blockchain assets. Moreover, users have complete control over their private keys, which are saved on their computer and never sent to Exodus’ servers.

Backup Options: 

You can recover your Exodus wallet with all of its assets and secret keys on a new computer if your computer containing the Exodus wallet is lost, hacked, or damaged. It is made successful through the Exodus wallet’s incredible feature of the backup process. To recover your wallet, download the Exodus wallet and put in your 12-word recovery seed in sequence. Users may also recover their wallets by email by selecting the email restore method.

Mobile device compatibilityRelatively expensive
Over 100 crypto assets supported
Friendly and tidy user interface
Cold wallet storage is supported
More than 1,100 coins supported

Mycelium: Wallet App to Manage Crypto Account


Mycelium is one of the most prominent crypto wallets for mobile devices. With enterprise-level security, various storage services, and many additional features, it is so much more than merely a wallet. However, being one of the most popular crypto wallets, Mycelium has a large number of users all over the world.

With the help of Mycelium, you can easily store many major digital currencies on your mobile device, which is an online hot wallet. In addition, a built-in cryptocurrency exchange makes trading and buying or selling new currencies straightforward, and Mycelium’s user interface is quite intuitive.

However, people who are not familiar with crypto will find this a helpful wallet, but it could be intimidating for those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency.

Several people like the fact that Mycelium lets you establish your transaction costs. However, no matter how much you enjoy Mycelium’s features, the app is only accessible on web-connected mobile platforms. But, if you are seeking a way to store low amounts of cryptocurrency, it is among the most convenient free solutions available today.


An Online Hot Wallet: 

Mycelium is an online hot wallet that helps keep various popular digital currencies on your smartphone for easy usage in everyday situations.

Custom Transaction Fee:

Mycelium also lets you determine your transaction costs, which is a big bonus for many people. So, you may determine how long you have to wait for the completion of a transaction.

Free to Install: 

It is free to download and use. However, you may pay fees charged by the exchanges you use with your wallet.

Hardware Wallet Supported: 

You may store cryptocurrencies using a hardware wallet with Mycelium.

Wallet with Hierarchical Determinism: 

If you want to restore your Mycelium wallet, you will need a mnemonic seed, also known as a master seed. This is the king of private keys.

Accounts with a Single Address: 

With this account, users can remove their secret key from a device so their wallet is unreachable and their assets are locked up. When they want to regain access to their account and transact their funds again, they can simply import the private key into their smartphone.

Bit ID: 

Instead of using a traditional password authentication procedure, this open-source protocol provides a safe authentication approach.

‘Watch Only’ Account: 

These accounts hold the crypto address but do not have access to the private key. It prohibits the wallet from sending out transactions but allows users to keep an eye on outputs.


To facilitate this process, the company has created an independent trading platform called Mycelium Local Trader. So, you may buy and sell crypto in person on this site. Additionally, there is a lot more to like about this service, as it also includes automated calculations, which depend on the percentage of abandoned and successful deals. Furthermore, it consists of an end-to-end encrypted chat tool that utilizes the crypto private keys to encrypt communications from beginning to end.

Free of chargeOnly available on mobile devices
Integrated cryptocurrency exchangeNot beginner-friendly
Easy to use interface
Variety of accounts
Customized transactions

How We Made This List

While we keep in view the extensive list of cold storage crypto wallets, each offers a wide range of security features and ease of access for the user. We shortlisted the most feasible among them, with a large number of people appreciating their experiences.

The foremost priority for any customer wanting these crypto wallets is the assurance of the safety of their crypto assets, which has been taken into consideration by all of the manufacturers.

All of the products mentioned coming with different manuals and user interfaces, each competing with the others and setting high standards for introducing the new wallets.

Indicators We Assessed For This Article

Our list of five crypto wallets will always provide you with a safe and secure experience. Their easy-to-use interface, with strong security standards, a handy design, and compatibility with computer and mobile phone devices, is what we were looking for.

Therefore, we followed the criteria below to find the best crypto wallet on the market for sale:

Company’s Reputation on the Market:

As always, a good name goes a long way, as it shows experience, customer support, diligence, and professionalism. Therefore, this factor was critical in our search.

What Type of Wallet It Is:

The difference between a hot and cold wallet is like chalk and cheese. Any misstep with this research would spell bad news for keeping your investment safe.
Does the Wallet Have a Backup Feature in Case of Any Mishap? It may seem insignificant, but it means an awful lot if you lose your device or accidentally delete the app.

Does the Wallet Offer You Access to Your Private Key? 

A private key is a sophisticated type of security feature that keeps your cryptocurrency safe. It is pivotal to any crypto customer, as it grants you access to the funds.

What Customer Services Does the Wallet Provide? 

This is an important aspect, as the cryptocurrency world is still new to many and finding your feet in such a confusing environment requires much guidance.

Does it Provide Customized Fees? 

Investing in crypto is excellent, but unseen fees can cause many problems and take away your hard work.

Does the Wallet Offer a Multisig Option? 

Multisig, or multiple signatures, allows you to have a co-payer, so you are not alone in your investment.

What Security and Safety Measures Do They Take? 

Every customer wants their investment to be secure. Without it, what is the point of a wallet?

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Crypto Wallet

Before choosing any platform, first have a look at the following guide, as it will help you choose the best one according to your preferences and requirements.


Choose a crypto wallet that provides enough security for your earnings without falling into the wrong hands. For this to work, you should use a crypto wallet that requires you to unlock it every time you open it. That PIN is also for maintaining enough security, but it can be a lot of work if you open it often. Furthermore, facial or fingerprint recognition can increase your security level and ease every time you open your wallet. The Bitcom.com Wallet, for example, gives its users this opportunity so they can feel at ease.


One of the many things a user needs to look for in a wallet before using it is what others have to say about it. Nothing is perfect or flawless, whether it comes to humans or applications. Every app can have a minor fault that can be risky for your earnings. So, to check if a crypto wallet has as few errors as possible, you can check forums like Reddit to see what people have experienced.

Access to Private Keys 

Instead of having your crypto managed by another individual, you should have access to your private keys. So, it is technically impossible to be in control of your crypto funds if you do not have access to the private key. Someone can have custody of your crypto, and it is up to them whether you can cash it or use it. So, it is better than direct access to your crypto, which is possible if you have private keys. 

Backup Features

Keeping a record of your private key is very important. Any user with more than one wallet or more than one cryptocurrency has to save all of their private keys in one place for ease. People usually keep this information on paper or write it on notes somewhere, which can be hard to maintain. Many crypto wallets have come up with the backup feature to solve this problem, which takes all of the private keys and saves them on the cloud for later use.

Free Customization

Another thing one should look for in a crypto wallet is a way to pay their fees. It helps the user to choose the cost they want to pay for each transaction.

Multisig (Shared Wallets)

Lastly, a wallet that has a “multisig” option can be considered a good choice. Multisig wallets need more than one person to approve the transaction, as in how many people can participate in a trade and how many of them are required to approve it. It can help improve the security of your wallet by protecting your earnings, and it can also stop you from making a wrong choice if you are the only one making a bad choice.


A mix of hot wallets, for fast trading and purchases, and cold wallets, to safeguard the bulk of the resources, is advised for cryptocurrency traders with many crypto assets. Hardware wallets are now a favorite way of securing an offline wallet.

These are compact malware-proof testing devices that allow multi-signature transactions. You have a tiny storage device and a QR scan camera for transmitting and receiving virtual money.

However, always remember that, like the hardware wallet in your pocket, your digital wallet’s digital currency is the target of thefts. So, keep it safe and secure, and ensure you protect the passwords that allow you access to your digital wallet.

The use of technical jargon complicates cryptocurrencies, and it can be quite confusing for anyone new to such a unique platform to navigate its maze. If you are one of these confused people and you want some proper guidance, then please look at the hardware wallets we have recommended. They will help you secure your crypto wealth and look after it for you.

If you wish to look further afield at other options, you can use our buying guide to direct you to the best hardware wallets. However, we recommend going for the best crypto wallet such as Ledger Nano X and Trezor Model T. But, we guarantee you will not find one any better than the ones we have suggested.

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