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NFT (non-fungible tokens) are unique and have no identical substitutes, whereas a fungible commodity is replaceable by another identical item (mutually interchangeable goods). NFTs represent all kinds of digital assets, like digital art, photos, GIFs, videos, audio files, memes, tweets, game characters, and any other piece of virtual gaming reality that can also become an NFT and be publicly traded. Even celebrities such as Snoop Dog, Grimes, Shawn Mendes, Kate Moss, and others are participating in the blockchain-based digital art phenomenon.

Paris Hilton is no exception to this field, she is also connected to the NFT market. Hilton went to a bitcoin conference in Miami. Which paid up to $25,000 for VIP tables at the opening celebration just to watch her DJ.

At Hilton’s Beverly Hills mansion there are screens displaying NFTs she made in collaboration with the digital artist Blake Kathryn. The NFT is a video of a chihuahua named Tinkerbell, which is Paris Hilton’s pet, on top of a rotating ionic column and an animated self-portrait of Paris herself as a CGI Barbie floating and glowing in the clouds, She refers to this NFT as an “Iconic Crypto Queen”, which she bought in April for more than $1m.

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