Polygon To Scale NFT Functionality On Behance. Brought To You By Adobe

The integration will allow Behance users to mint directly to OpenSea avoiding the sky-high Ethereum fees.

Adobe, a leading software company, announced today that it’s working with Polygon to integrate the Ethereum scaling program into its Behance social media platform.

The integration, according to Polygon, will allow creators to showcase non-fungible tokens to the world while minimizing their carbon footprint and transaction fees. 

Adobe acquired Behance in December 2012. In October, Behance began integrating tools for digital artists to create NFTs—around the same time, Polygon began its integration with the top NFT marketplace, OpenSea. According to Polygon, creators can now mint NFTs directly on the Polygon network to OpenSea, bypassing the Ethereum network.

Polygon, formerly Matic Network, is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol launched in October 2017 as a way for Ethereum-compatible blockchains to solve scaling challenges. Polygon’s native coin, MATIC, is the 16th-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization as of this writing, at nearly $11.2 billion, according to CoinMarketCap.com. Polygon uses MATIC for payments and settlements.

“I love Polygon’s vision of being an Ethereum scaling solution,” – Will Allen, Adobe’s vice president of product on this potential development. 

“It can help give creators the best of both worlds: the security of Ethereum as a settlement layer while providing lower gas fees and a negligible carbon footprint.”

Allen said artists can mint NFTs wherever they’d like, either on their contract or via OpenSea, adding that on Behance creatives can showcase their work by connecting their MetaMask wallets.

“It’s been remarkable to watch the adoption—tens of thousands of users have connected their MetaMask wallets to showcase their NFTs. I’m excited to see this continue to grow,” Allen said.

Behance also plans to roll out tools to help solve some specific problems creatives have encountered in the NFT space, like Content Credentials, which was launched in October to increase transparency and help artists prove ownership.

“Behance’s mission,” Allen added, “is to help creatives build their careers on their own terms.”

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