TOP 5 Crypto Wallets for NFT transactions

Choosing the best NFT app would usually depend on two factors. First, whether you’re a creator or collector. Second, the devices you have at your disposal. For Creators Creating NFT art typically involves regularly connecting to marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, Nifty Gateway etc. Creators usually have to upload their files and enable other functionalities. Such […]

Stan Wawrinka plunges into NFT space with the “BALLMAN PROJECT”

“Ballman Project” is the first digital collection by Stan Wawrinka, a famous swiss tennis player, who injured his foot and therefore wasn’t able to play, though he created his first NFT project in the meantime. This project offers fans and NFT enthusiasts an experience with what will be called the NFT Open. These NFT collections […]

Hello Kitty Is Becoming an NFT

It is no surprise that pop culture is adopting the newest trends like cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens. Apparently, the famous Hello Kitty, which is everyone’s favorite “cat” which is not actually a cat, but a little girl is no exception.  Sanrio and NFT company Recur are partnering so fans can buy and trade Hello Kitty […]