YouTube announced plans to use NFT to monetize content.

Video streaming service YouTube is considering integrating NFT to monetize content on its platform. This was stated by the product owner, Neil Mohan.

“Web3 opens up new possibilities for creators. We believe that new technologies such as blockchain and NFT will enable content creators to build closer relationships with their fans. Together they will be able to collaborate on new projects and earn in ways that were previously impossible,” he wrote.

Mohan cited verifiable ownership of unique videos, photographs, and other works as an example of how the technology could be used.

According to the publication, over 2 million users joined the YouTube Partner Program in 2021.

Earlier, CEO Susan Wojcicki announced plans for integration with the NFT service. According to her, video streaming is focused on expanding the ecosystem and is ready to help bloggers benefit from new technologies.

Recall that in January 2022, Twitter integrated NFTs as user profile avatars. In February, a similar option was added by the content subscription service OnlyFans.

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